The Starter Branch

So you fancy something a bit more 'realistic? Then our Starter Branch may be what you are looking for. Taking into account many of the features of a branch line (Small station, goods yard, single loco depot) we designed the following layout.
Our Starter Branch has been designed to fit a lot into a small space, featuring a 3'6'' Scenic section and a detachable 2'6'' Fiddle Yard the whole layout fits into 6' x 1'. We offer the branch in a number of varieties which can be found below. Another aspect in the design was the prospect of exhibition, therefore all of these are built to exhibition standard.
Basic Starter £200
The basic starter set is near enough exactly what it says in the tin! It includes baseboards (complete with backscene boards), all track laid and wired for DC operation plus a Gaugemaster Combi Controller (Points manually operated). We can also provide this layout wired for DCC operation at a small extra cost, please contact us for details.
Advanced Starter £325
Our advanced starter offers the same scenic level as the basic one (I.e. no scenics), the difference this time is that we will motorise and wire up the points for you. The price includes all points fitted with PECO PL-10E motors wired up to a control panel that is built into the Fiddle Yard. As an added bonus, for an extra £25, we can add a working Dapol Semaphore signal! Please contact for more details.
Scenic Starter £500+
The Scenic Starter offers the full package. The layout comes complete with all track laid and wired for DC (Including COMBI Controller), all points and isolators wired into a control panel, Dapol Motorised Semaphore signal, along with all scenics. Our base price version includes Station, Signal Box, Loco depot and Goods shed from the Ratio range. We are happy to use other buildings at your request (Such as Bachmann Scenecraft), please contact us for a quote.
Delivery is NOT included in price, this will be calculated based upon location.